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RTC Educational Partnerships
- Morgan State University
- Carnegie Mellon University
- TIME Center at CCBC
- PACE University
RTC Industrial Partners
- Juxtopia LLC
- Lockheed Martin Corp.

Sponsored by:


The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a grant of $870,521 to Baltimore City Community College to develop a robotics technology curriculum (RTC) with the support from Morgan State University, Pace University, Carnegie Mellon University, Community College at Baltimore County, Juxtopia, and Lockheed Martin Corporation. The funds will be primarily used to support students financially and setup a state-of-the-art robotics laboratory at BCCC.

Why should I study robotics?

Robotics is a technology that is in high demand in the private, governmental, and military sectors. Industry analysts expect the total robot OEM sales revenue, initially dominated by heavy industrial robots, to show strong growth which increases the career opportunities for people trained in robotics technology.

Why should I come to BCCC to study robotics?

The reasons are:
The robotics technology curriculum (RTC) is sponsored by US National Science Foundation.
Scholarships/assistantships will be awarded to RTC students with good academic performance.
RTC students can transfer to Morgan State University to pursue BS degree in engineering with the concentration in robotics.
BCCC houses a state-of-the-art robotics laboratory.
BCCC has a diversified student body.
BCCC RTC graduates may get job or intern opportunities at RTC industry partners.

What should I do now?

You should:
Contact BCCC RTC as soon as possible.
Submit BCCC admission application.
Take mathematics, technology and physics courses in your current school.

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